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Access to branded, full-service Mobile Network Operator services coupled with the ability and flexibility to tailor all telco product offerings. This includes rate plans, value bundles, behaviour incentivised bonuses, and segmented pricing using FREI’s own real-time, prepaid Online Charging System (OCS).

Access to an open-source mobile application allows subscribers to manage their account, purchase airtime and bundles using a credit or debit card, and access a growing list of integrated products.


The FREI economy is an ecosystem of partners, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders that use FREI as a platform and marketplace to execute bespoke customer acquisition and retention strategies.

All FREI economy partners are able to offer, and make use of, API services to offer their products and services to users within the FREI ecosystem.

Examples of FREI economy partners include insurance, financial or media products that use FREI’s mobile telephony offering as the delivery mechanism for their products and services.


FREI allows its MVNOs to generate and redeem unique MVNO-branded, pin-based airtime and value bundles through its existing point of sale capabilities or via digital channels.

Brands can also vend existing Network Operator airtime, prepaid electricity, ticketing, lotto, and enable utility bill payments using existing FREI integrations.


Each user is provisioned with access to a digital wallet.

Closed-loop transactions such as inter-wallet fund transfers, recharge through credit and debit cards, instant EFT and electronic deposits are available with every subscriber activation.

FREI also enables the integration of external mobile wallets and loyalty programmes.


In addition to FREI’s platform services, we offer a range of consultative services as part of our introductory phase.

These include competencies spanning market analysis, opportunity assessment, product ideation, branding, financial modelling, business planning, and project management.

FREI also provides a small B2C customer support capability to assist with onboarding ramp-up and skill transferring for new MVNOs.


FREI’s bundled platform, connectivity and payment offering allows brands to digitise their offering without the need to understand, own, or operate the technology that enables this transition.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, a mobile-first approach is key to unlocking efficient, effective, and meaningful interactions with customers to further cement customer value.