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18 August 2022 | 18:47

Growth requires CHANGE

FREI has been in the fortunate position of accelerated growth over the last three years, with its staff complement almost tripling in that time. However, for any organisation to grow, it must change. Business change is often associated with achieving higher operational levels for better efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

According to research conducted by Gartner, the average business has been presented with 5 major structural changes in the past 3 years, with 75% of these businesses expecting to pursue additional changes in the next three years.

The results of COVID-19 have forced organisations to change how they think about doing business. Adopting transformational leadership creates teams structured according to individual passion and strengths, creating a happier, more efficient working environment.

FREI is committed to staying ahead of the curve by adopting strategies to remain innovative and competitive. Our team continues to grow as we take on new projects and develop more opportunities. FREI’s commercial department, which has grown significantly in the past year, is no exception.

Led by Michael Brune, this team has transitioned from a new business focus to a customer operations team concentrating on product development, account management, customer support, and external vendor management.

As such, the department will be separated, with Steve Bailey joining to assist Michael with a divide and conquer strategy with the expertise and hard-earned experience of both individuals playing to their respective strengths and passions.

Michael has now taken on a new role as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and is responsible for FREI’s business operations and customer support.

Steve is succeeding Michael as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), focussing on accelerated business development and marketing.

FREI will continue implementing strategies that provide organisations with the necessary mobile solutions to facilitate their journey into the digital era.

A recently published whitepaper states that organisations must find innovative ways to deliver stable connectivity and innovative telco solutions to adapt to new ways of working and communicating.

Having your own mobile service capability guarantees lower cost and differentiated services to your customers. You can set bespoke retail prices for mobile voice, data, SMS, and other Mobile Network Operator (MNO) services.

FREI is the result of more than a decade of platform technology development. We work with brands to unleash their own personalised mobile service capability. Our proprietary platform combines mobile telephony, payment technology, mobile applications, and third-party integration APIs to provide a branded, full-service mobile telco capability.

Connect with your customers and let us help you create a mobile capability designed for your needs.

We believe in creating customer loyalty through connection.

Connect with FREI and Unleash your brand!

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