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Our Story

FREI sets brands free to focus on brand building, revenue generation, customer retention and  acquisition without being limited by technology.

We give you the freedom to extend your brand
into cellular services, offer smart fin-tech solutions and combine all of this with your loyalty program without having to worry about how to do this

FREI stands for freedom, activation and simplicity.

Our story


FREI makes digital and cellular easy for brands.

FREI sets brands free to focus on brand building, revenue generation, customer retention and acquisition without being limited by technology. 

We give you the freedom to extend your brand into cellular services, smart FinTech solutions while simultaneously combining any existing loyalty programmes without you having to worry about how this is achieved.

FREI stands for freedom, activation and simplicity.

What does freedom mean for your brand and customers?

Whether you are a financial services provider, retail outlet, church or sports club, FREI brings you closer to your customers.

You get your own mobile channel, while extending your current service offering to gain unmatched customer insights.

This is true freedom.

The freedom to create value and share it.

Customer intimacy is the holy grail of the new digital economy.

Your customers are increasingly living digital and mobile lives that provide them with more choices than ever before. In this mobile-first world, trust is either established, earned or broken in seconds. 

For your brand to succeed, you need to earn your place in this new ecosystem of choice for your brand to succeed. Personalisation enables you to play a more meaningful role in your customers’ lives.  

Unleashing your brand to go mobile — through the unique combination of prepaid cellular, mobile payment technology and reward programmes offered by the FREI platform — places you where your customer is.

Visibility creates value – for you, and your customers

In this age of personalisation, customer knowledge and insights give you the edge.

Customers will provide you with insight into their private lives, but only if you can show them how you can add value in return.

Advanced data analytics can unlock new revenue opportunities while building deeper customer intimacy and understanding.

Through FREI’s digital ecosystem and with your brand as an MVNO, you can access value-added services, such as business intelligence and analytics, allowing you to better understand and serve your customers.

This allows you to better understand and service your customers.

The FREI Economy is dependent on mobile interaction.

You need a partner that understands the rules of the digital economy, or the “FREI Economy” as we call it, to combat the risk of disintermediation. 

In the FREI Economy, your brand is liberated through digital transformation tools that enable it to add value to your core offering.

Here, interactions between your brand and your customer create and add value with technology as the enabling tool. Our FinTech capability enables you to offer wallet and payment products to your customers so that they become part of a marketplace where value is created and shared.

FREI enables you to build deeper, valuable and meaningful mobile interactions with your customers by helping you create an MVNO for your brand.

What we believe

Beyond the latter-day buzz of the “Web 3.0 revolution” lies an opportunity for brands to connect more meaningfully with their customers.

Customer intimacy is the holy grail of the new digital economy.

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Visibility creates value – for you and your customers

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The "FREI Economy" is dependent on mobile interaction

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Network access and services (voice,messaging, USSD, caller line identification and premium rated services.

What we offer

FREI offers the freedom and simplicity to launch your brand as an MVNO, improve customer loyalty and drive meaningful brand interaction by linking your customers to digital services

Mobile Services

We enable you to offer everything "mobile" to your customers.

From data, voice, SMS, OTT services to billing and even handsets.  

Almost anything goes.


We give you a mobile wallet and several "out of the box" payment options all on one platform. 

Want to be up there with all the hip FinTech brands?  

Go for it, through FREI.

Managed Services

You don’t have an internal department that has years of experience in telecoms or FinTech?

Or maybe you’re struggling to plan and execute the business and operational side of your new MVNO?

Don’t worry, we are here to help.

We will even run your MVNO if you want us to.

Go mobile

Your customers are on the move daily with mobile
phones at the heart of their lives.

By launching your brand into an MVNO you can:

Generate additional revenue streams
Deepen customer intimacy
Create value and share this with your customers
Increase your brand’s visibility


FREI's experienced senior team is on a mission to build the African continent's most dynamic, agile and disruptive digital enabler. You will find the executive guys online, in the office, but seldom at the beach.

Andre Louw,
Chief executive Officer
Co-founder of FREI.

Responsible for governance, investor relations, finance and HR.

20+ years industry experience and exclusively focused on strategic management and strategy implementation over the last 15 years.

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Eddie Carpenter,
Chief Technology Officer
Co-founder of FREI.

Responsible for FREI’s technology and development.  

Eddie started developing FREI’s pioneering technology platform, TradeSwitch, in 2008 already.

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